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Modern options for thermostats and climate controls offer a variety of benefits for today’s energy-conscious clients. Top manufacturers include Lennox, Healthy Climate, Nexia, Honeywell, and AprilAire. At Armstrong Plumbing, Air & Electric, we’re sure to have something that is ideal for your home, budget, lifestyle, and family needs.

Furnaces, air conditioners, and heat pumps are the stars of the heating and cooling world. With terms like SEER and AFUE to measure efficiency. Advanced technology like variable speed motors and two-stage heat pumps is all the rage. But do you know what still controls your heating and cooling systems? That’s right, the thermostat.

The days of the simple manual thermostat are pretty much gone, replaced by various types of programmable thermostats. Armstrong Plumbing, Air & Electric gets a lot of questions when it comes to troubleshooting programmable thermostats.

Whether you’re at home all day or away for any length of time, your home can stay within a comfortable temperature zone that will ensure efficient energy usage, helping your energy bills stay as low as possible.

Program your thermostat according to your family’s schedule; enjoy easy controls that allow you to navigate simple menus; automatically adjust the temperature in your home without worrying about it being too hot or too cold. Some thermostats allow you to even use built-in humidity sensors. You can choose options for wireless controls via your smartphone, traditional controls, automatic programming, and many other options.

Contact Armstrong Plumbing, Air & Electric today and schedule an appointment with us; we’ll find the right thermostat with controls that will suit your lifestyle perfectly while saving you money and energy at the same time.