Ductless Mini-Splits

Ductless Mini-Splits

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Ductless Mini Splits Can Eliminate Hot and Cold Spots

Armstrong’s HVAC experts will tell you the problem with many, if not most, central heating and air conditioning systems is the ductwork. This is a major reason ductless mini splits are exploding in popularity.

As the name implies, ductless mini splits use the same heat pump technology that’s used to heat and cool millions of homes. A mini-split system has individual air handlers for each room or area in a house. As many as four can be connected to an outside condenser. Each air handler has its own thermostat for the ultimate in custom control.

Not too many years ago, mini-splits were used almost exclusively for supplemental cooling or heating. They are ideal in many of those situations because you don’t need to add ductwork, which makes the installation relatively simple. Ductless mini splits are especially useful when you add new living space not connected to your current central system. Rapid advancements in heat pump technology mean ductless mini splits are now also a good choice for whole-house heating and cooling.

Whether supplemental or whole-house, there are many good reasons to choose mini splits…

Armstrong is proud to feature mini-split heat pumps by industry leaders Mitsubishi and Daikin. Call and speak to our comfort consultants to find out if mini splits are a good choice for your heating and cooling needs.

Energy Efficiency:

  • Central systems often lose up to 30% efficiency because of the ductwork
  • Mini splits deliver conditioned air directly to where it’s needed
  • Individual units can be shut down when not needed
  • Overall energy savings can be as much as 50%

Design Options:

  • Air Handlers are usually mounted on a wall
  • Can also be recessed into the ceiling
  • Can be designed to be hidden behind soffits or in built-in bookcases

Better Air Quality:

  • Ducts are notorious for collecting dust, allergens, and rodent droppings
  • HVAC ductwork requires professional cleaning
  • Mini splits are easy to clean using a small household stepladder