Posted on June 21, 2018


Catchy little acronym, isn’t it? Most of the time when we hear it, we know it means “As Soon As Possible” and we know we had better get a move on, right? Like when you were a kid and your Dad said: “Get your room cleaned up, ASAP!” Or if you’re at work and your boss says: “I need that report on my desk, ASAP!”

That said, I am happy to let you in on a new meaning for ASAP – Armstrong Service Agreement Plan. And if you have been trying to decide just how much of an HVAC maintenance program you want or need, you are going to be glad you heard about it. ASAP is Armstrong Plumbing, Air & Electric’s new comprehensive 5-level HVAC, plumbing and electrical maintenance program with options that has something for everyone. With its five levels of various coverages, it can be tailored to fit your budget and needs. Our technicians service all brands and models.

Let’s take a look at all five levels and what they include:


If there is not a lot of money in your budget for HVAC maintenance, our Base Protection Plan still has you covered and will help detect and prevent major breakdowns. It includes:

  • Two safety inspections per year
  • Filter change during each inspection
  • 24/7 priority service


Upgrade the inspections included in the Base Plan to tune-ups performed by Armstrong’s top-notch service technicians, including:

  • One cooling system tune-up per year
  • One heating system tune-up per year
  • No overtime fees for service calls

These tune-ups meet manufacturer warranty requirements.


Many Armstrong customers have been enjoying a plan very similar to this for years. In addition to the Prime Protection Plan benefits, it also includes:

  • 10% discount on HVAC parts and labor
  • 10% discount on service charges
  • Our HVAC buyback program: $100 for each year of ASAP membership, up to $500


Not only does our Prestige Plan include and expand on the benefits of our popular Signature Plan, but it also offers our exceptional plumbing service and maintenance:

  • One plumbing system inspection per year
  • 15% off all plumbing parts and labor charges
  • HVAC parts/labor and service fee charges increase from 10% to 15% off
  • Water heater buyback program which is $50 per year for two years


Want the best of the best of our service plans? You will get just that when you sign up for our Royale Plan. Not only does it protect your home’s HVAC and plumbing systems, but it also covers your home’s electrical system. In addition to all the benefits listed in the previous four plans, this plan also includes:

  • One electrical system inspection per year
  • 15% discount on electrical parts and labor
  • NO parts or labor charges for many common, everyday HVAC repairs

The new Armstrong Service Agreement Plan features convenient scheduling, and will help promote longer equipment life. We offer 100% satisfaction guarantee, so call us today – ASAP!

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"The new air conditioner is fantastic. It is so quiet and smooth and cool. We can never express to you the appreciation for working with us on this." - Jack D.
"Great job on a late Saturday night—completely satisfied!" - David S.