3 Commercial AC Issues That Spell Disaster

commercial ac

No matter the circumstances, an air conditioning breakdown is never a good thing. For homeowners, this means not only a hit to your family’s comfort and convenience, but also to the pocketbook. For business owners, it is all that and more. Commercial air conditioning breakdowns can lead to a lack of productivity from your employees who may be left sweltering in the heat. If your business is a retail operation, it could also lead to a drop in customer traffic and potential business. And, if your business is in the manufacturing realm and is adversely affected by temperature and humidity, it could lead to time lost and a big hit to your operation. 


Armstrong Plumbing, Air & Electric knows how much an air conditioning malfunction/breakdown can harm your business’s bottom line, so we want you to know what to look out for. Here are some common commercial AC problems that require immediate attention

Compressor Failure

The compressor is an integral component of the AC system as it pumps refrigerant through the coils. Factors causing it to fail include:

  • Faulty wiring. This can short or burn out the compressor.
  • Refrigerant leak. This causes your compressor to work harder and the excessive wear and tear can lead to failure.
  • Dirty coils. If condenser coils are dirty, they cannot expel heat the way they should, and this can lead to excessive pressure in the unit.

Frozen Coils

If the coils are completely caked in ice, it is likely that one of the following issues is the culprit:

  • Dirty filter. The first line of defense for your system, the air filter keeps dirt/debris out of the system and allows the coils to do their job.
  • Refrigerant leak. Lack of refrigerant affects the amount of heat getting transferred and can lead to coils freezing up.
  • Blower fan. If it is broken or malfunctioning, the cold air gets trapped and can lead to freezing coils.

Strange Noises

our system is not silent, it will make normal operational noises. But here are some sounds that are not normal and should be addressed:

  • Banging/thumping/clunking. Can be caused by broken or loose parts; not good.
  • High-pitched shrieking/whistling. This may be caused by a refrigerant leak, which is not only detrimental to your system but also to your health.


Commercial business/property owners have many issues to contend with and they count on the HVAC system to keep the air climate-controlled and suitable for employees and customers alike. AC issues can cause not only uncomfortable, but unhealthy air quality issues. Ignoring these issues can be very costly, not only in realized repair and maintenance costs, but also in how it affects your company’s operating costs and profit. 


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