Infrared Heaters


What are Infrared Heaters?

Lubbock winters can be chilly. So many of us are itching to get back outside, but we don’t want to sacrifice our warmth and comfort to do so. Installing a gas-fired infrared heater with Armstrong Plumbing, Air & Electric is the ultimate solution.

Gas-fired infrared heating offers superior energy savings, comfort level, flexibility and a low carbon footprint. With infrared heating, your options are endless. With infrared heat, you have the ability to heat patios, third-car garages, sheds and much more.

How Do Infrared Heaters Work?

Infrared heat works by converting electricity or natural gas into radiant heat. Like the sun, infrared heaters heat humans and objects at floor-level as opposed to heating the air around them. Our skin, clothes, and other objects absorb infrared light.

Much like the sun warms us when we’re in direct sunlight, infrared heating systems warm areas directly in their path. The sun radiates infrared radiation which reaches the earth with virtually no losses and heats it up. Infrared heaters work in a similar way, reducing energy costs by up to 40%.

Where Can I Install an Infrared Heater?

You can install infrared heaters in numerous locations, but they are most commonly installed in:

Benefits of Infrared Heaters

Want Even Greater Savings?

Ask your Armstrong technician about two-stage ventless infrared heaters. Two-stage gas infrared tube heaters provide exact air to gas ratios at both high and low heat stages. This can help save up to 75% in energy costs and 10-15% more than single stage tube heaters. 

Ready to Install Your Infrared Heater?

Get back outside and enjoy your property year-round with the installation of a gas-fired infrared heater. The expert technicians at Armstrong Plumbing, Air & Electric are ready to help warm your space. Call 806-763-COOL (2665) today to schedule your consultation.

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