Customers are our lifeblood—let us know how we’re doing.

Domingo figured out the problem and the result was much better than we had feared – a simple fuse replacement took care of the problem and we were once again enjoying cool air.  We appreciate Armstrong’s service and attention to us as customers!  Thanks to all of you at Armstrong!

Vic H.

Very pleased with the service Oscar provided. Polite, professional, on time and quick. Always appreciate the great customer service provided by Armstrong.

Stacy Q.

Armstrong was fantastic! They went out of their way to help us with an emergency electrical job & completed it quickly. We use Armstrong for ALL of our plumbing, Heating and AC work, and now electrical. I am 100% satisfied with the work they do. I encourage everyone to choose Armstrong!

Wesley B.

It is always a pleasure doing business with Armstrong. My go to for plumbing, air and electric. The professionalism and expertise is like no other. I totally love this company and I have never had to worry when I call Armstrong— I know the work will be handled by the experts!

Rose S.

Armstrong is constantly amazed by the number of people who do take the time to write thank you notes or leave a favorable review for us. But we want to hear from more of you. Our goal is 100% satisfaction, and the only way we can reach that goal is if people let us know how we’re doing.

There’s a disturbing trend in the business world and chances are you’ve experienced it. As many companies grow larger, the importance in customer satisfaction and review feedback is often overlooked. NOT SO WITH ARMSTRONG PLUMBING, AIR & ELECTRICAL.

It will ALWAYS be our pleasure to serve our loyal residential, commercial, and construction customers throughout Lubbock, Texas and surrounding communities. And apparently, based on the reviews you’re leaving for us, the feeling is mutual!