Customers are our lifeblood—let us know how we’re doing.

Alton did a great job. 5 stars!

Elisa A.

Mr Murdock treated us with greatest respect and answered our questions. He seems very knowledgeable and concerned that all his customers have proper heating and A/C care. Very thorough.

Dave and Kay R.

Ron and Irene did a great job! Both were very personable and professional. 5 stars for both.

Karen S.

We are always pleased with Armstrong’s service. Carlos did a quick and thorough job on our unit; he wore a mask, kept a social distance, and did his work without having to come into the house which is always good during these COVID times.  Very pleased with the service call and with Carlos. Thank you.

Vic H.

Armstrong is constantly amazed by the number of people who do take the time to write thank you notes or leave a favorable review for us. But we want to hear from more of you. Our goal is 100% satisfaction, and the only way we can reach that goal is if people let us know how we’re doing.

There’s a disturbing trend in the business world and chances are you’ve experienced it. As many companies grow larger, the importance in customer satisfaction and review feedback is often overlooked. NOT SO WITH ARMSTRONG PLUMBING, AIR & ELECTRICAL.

It will ALWAYS be our pleasure to serve our loyal residential, commercial, and construction customers throughout Lubbock, Texas and surrounding communities. And apparently, based on the reviews you’re leaving for us, the feeling is mutual!