5 Steps to Take Before Calling an AC Repair Company

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With summer around the corner, it’s important to make sure you have a properly working air conditioning system, especially in the Lubbock area. A trained technician should handle major maintenance tasks, but homeowners can be proactive to ensure their system is running efficiently.  Here are five easy steps that you can take before calling an AC repair company.

  1. Outdoor units should be free from overgrown brush and shrubbery to prevent airflow obstruction.
  2. Keep the outdoor coil cleaned of all grass clippings, leaves and other yard debris.
  3. Replace the indoor unit’s filter monthly.
  4. Reduce the clutter around your indoor unit.
  5. Check thermostat settings and batteries.

Finally, contact an experienced, reputable AC repair specialist to check your system’s refrigerant charge and safety controls.  Spring is the best time to schedule a complete inspection of your equipment. 

Warm temperatures are around the corner, and you can’t afford to neglect maintenance on your air conditioning system.  By being proactive, you can save money, prevent expensive and unnecessary repairs and increase the lifespan of your equipment. 

Don’t delay. By planning ahead, you are making sure your cooling system operates at peak performance to maximize home comfort and save you money.  Operating dirty air conditioning equipment may cause unnecessary breakdowns and use more energy.

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