A Hot House Is No Way to Live This Summer

keep cool in summer
If you know all about the “cool side of the pillow”, chances are your bedroom is way too hot. Armstrong Plumbing, Air & Electric can show you how solve those HVAC problems to make your nights cool, comfortable, and restful without flipping your pillow over every hour.

Trying to deal with the heat in West Texas without an AC repair isn’t smart. A hot house can really affect your quality of life. When you can’t sleep at night, you can’t do quality work during the day. And let’s talk plainly, a hot house makes everyone crabby.

Our first step will be to make sure your AC unit is functioning correctly and has no problems because of the HVAC installation. Many times, uneven heating and cooling is the result of problems in the ductwork and our Armstrong technicians can correct the issues.

There are tests to identify any leaks or obstructions causing your HVAC problems. Sometimes a simple duct cleaning can make a big difference.

Another solution is a zone control system. It’s the ability to set different temperatures in different areas of the home. There are 2 basic types:

  • System-Wide Zoning:

The simplest way to describe this is having more than one thermostat connected to a single heating or cooling system. The thermostats control dampers in the ductwork controlling the amount of conditioned air going to a specific area of the house.

  • Ductless Mini-Split Heat Pumps:

This technology is a fantastic way to add supplemental cooling (or heating if the situation calls for it) to individual rooms or specific areas. They are often called ventless air conditioners. Up to four indoor air handlers can be connected to an outside condenser. They are usually mounted on the walls, and each handler has its own thermostat to make your pillows and sheets feel cool as a cucumber. Best of all, as the name implies, mini splits don’t require any additional ductwork. Armstrong installs top-of-the-line Mitsubishi and Daikin brand mini splits for even more peace of mind.

An honest conversation about your AC unit also has to be a part of solving the problem. How old is it? Has it received routine maintenance to keep it operating efficiently? Is it up to the challenge of cooling your home? The answers to those questions could mean the best way to keep you comfortable at night is to install a new air conditioner. Armstrong is proud to feature the industry leading Lennox brand.

Trust Armstrong Plumbing, Air & Electric to help you fix the problem or for any of your repair, service or maintenance needs.