Benefits of a Wifi Thermostat

wifi thermostat from Armstrong

The newest and most advanced thermostats connect to your home’s WiFi network so you have control through your smartphone, tablet or computer anytime from anywhere in the world. Whether you are away on vacation, or working late you can check in on your home with a smartphone app. By setting various schedules throughout the day you can set a WiFi thermostat to maintain higher or lower temperatures during peak and off peak times to save money on your electricity bill.

 Here are some benefits of a WiFi Thermostat:

  • Your thermostat is WiFi enabled for remote access from anywhere.
  • There are free mobile apps for remote thermostat control.
  • The apps are available for smartphones, tablets, or computers.
  • You can manage multiple thermostats at various locations, which really help with Energy Management and directly affect your electricity bill.
  • You can receive High/Low temperature alerts through email, phone or the web.
  • You can view the local weather directly from your app and directly from the thermostat.
  • Filter change reminders can be sent to you based on actual run time of your equipment.
  • Remotely, you can adjust your fan controls.
  • You have control of temporary vacation or away hold features.
  • Automatic software updates are also included.

Energy Management for Commercial Facilities: 

Energy is one of the largest operating costs in a commercial facility such as a restaurant, store, school or office. HVAC is the largest energy usage, and without an Energy Management System most businesses waste energy. Maintenance issues go undetected, waste energy and result in costly repair bills. 

A WiFi thermostat is a coordinated system. It replaces existing thermostats and implements advanced controls that coordinate the HVAC systems, optimize runtime, and provide diagnostic data to the servers. It provides full control and monitoring of your facilities through a single login.  It also enables you to manage schedules, set events and even set up email maintenance alerts.  The portal supports mobile access from your tablet or phone, so you can verify status and react to issues, any time of day, wherever you are. As a result customers and employees are more comfortable, waste energy is minimized and maintenance issues are automatically detected. In addition, multiple HVAC systems coordinate and operate at optimal efficiency.

When you install a WiFi thermostat you can check and adjust the temperature in your home or business from anywhere. Running late at work? Log into your computer. Away on vacation? Check your tablet or smartphone. More than access, it gives you the comfort of control.

Call Armstrong For Your WiFi Thermostat Installation Today 

If this all sounds great to you and you are considering installing a new WiFi thermostat, whether you want an Energy Management System for your business, or comfort control for your home, be sure to contact a trained HVAC professional at Armstrong to install it. Setup is simple and energy bills can be lowered from day one.