Beware Websites Selling Air Conditioners

It’s a question we are hearing more often at Armstrong Plumbing, Air & Electric, “How much do you charge to install an air conditioner if I buy it online?” The answer is simple, Armstrong will not install air conditioners we haven’t purchased directly from the factory. While that may sound harsh, our reasons are simple.

Warranty issues:

Armstrong has seen and heard about too many situations where the warranty promised online isn’t worth the paper you printed it on after you didn’t read the fine print on the website. So, what happens when the online retailer doesn’t keep its promises? The buyer is left holding the bag. We don’t want to have any part in a business transaction where we have no control over whether or not you’re going to be satisfied.

Compare that to buying your air conditioner through Armstrong and having us install it. When we are in control of the process from start to finish, you will receive a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Manufacturer warranty not valid:

Many HVAC manufacturers clearly state they will not provide warranty coverage when their products are sold online. From our standpoint, too many things can go wrong even if there is a manufacturer’s warranty. If Armstrong was not part of the process to determine the proper sizing, correct airflow, and project design, why would we want to take the blame if there are problems in those areas? Air conditioners are not like an oven or refrigerator, they are not plug and play. They have to be carefully designed to fit your home’s needs.

Damage or return issues:

Let’s say hypothetically we decide to do the installation for you (we won’t), and we clear our schedule and send the install team to do the work. When they arrive, they discover the air conditioner was damaged during shipment, has parts missing, or simply doesn’t work after it’s installed. Are you going to pay us for our time even though you still don’t have a working air conditioner? Once again, we are stuck in the middle of a fight between you and the online retailer.

It’s not that Armstrong doesn’t understand how the world is changing. Just about everyone does some online shopping; but please don’t be fooled into thinking buying a cheap air conditioner directly from a website is like buying a book, phone or even television. When it comes to an appliance this complex, and yes, expensive, it’s just not worth the risk. Armstrong has an entire team to make sure the air conditioner you buy is the right one for your home, and our people can handle custom installations.

When you deal with Armstrong it’s one-stop shopping. We provide air conditioning service and a full line of central and ductless air conditioners that we buy directly from leading manufacturers. Our founder, E.H. Armstrong, could never have imagined the internet, but he did know treating people right is good business. It’s why we’ve been serving West Texas since 1934. Would you rather trust Armstrong, or some fly-by-night website?