Why You Should Leave Ceiling Fan Installation To a Professional

professional ceiling fan install

Why You Should Let the Professionals Complete Your Ceiling Fan Installation

A ceiling fan installation may seem like a straightforward DIY project, but there are numerous reasons why hiring a professional electrician is the smarter and safer choice. The following points highlight the top reasons to leave ceiling fan installation to trusted professionals like Armstrong Plumbing, Air & Electric.

Installing a ceiling fan involves working with electrical components and wiring, which can be dangerous for inexperienced individuals. Skilled electricians are trained to handle electricity safely, reducing the risk of injury and potential electrical hazards.

A trained electrician like those employed by Armstrong has the experience and knowledge necessary to ensure that your ceiling fan is installed correctly. This includes choosing the appropriate location, securing the fan correctly to the ceiling, and properly connecting the wiring. Improper installation can lead to wobbly fans, damaged ceilings or worse.

Armstrong Plumbing, Air & Electric is well-versed in Lubbock area building and electrical codes, ensuring that your fan installation meets the requirements. This can prevent potential fines or complications when selling your home.

Many ceiling fan manufacturers require a professional installation to maintain warranty coverage. Attempting a DIY installation could void your warranty, leaving you with no recourse in the event of product defects.

Armstrong’s electricians are efficient and able to complete the job quickly while also ensuring it is done correctly. DIY attempts can be time-consuming and may require multiple trips to the store for parts or tools. Rest assured, we will have the necessary tools and equipment such as wire strippers, voltage testers and a ladder. Purchasing these tools is an unnecessary expense that may not be cost-effective for a one-time project.

A professional can handle unique or challenging installations, such as high or angled ceilings and can recommend the appropriate fan size and type for your space. Should there be any issues, an experienced electrician is equipped to troubleshoot specific situations that may arise during the installation, ensuring your fan functions correctly from the start.

Finally, hiring a professional electrician provides peace of mind knowing that your ceiling fan is installed safely and correctly by a licensed and insured company, which protects you and your home from potential issues. 

If you need a ceiling fan installation or a skilled electrician for any other home electrical project, call Armstrong Plumbing, Air & Electric today to schedule an appointment