3 Things To Look For In Commercial AC Service

commercial AC

Many people own pickups with diesel engines. When one needs repairs, you can take the pickup to just about any reputable repair shop and chances are they will have at least one mechanic on staff trained to work on diesel engines. But if the truck is a Freightliner semi-tractor, you’re going to look for a mechanic specifically trained to work on industrial diesel engines.

It’s The Same With HVAC Work

The analogy may not be perfect, but it’s the same issue many Lubbock, TX business owners face when they need commercial AC work. Just like diesel engine mechanics, not every air conditioning contractor is properly trained to work on commercial systems. When choosing a contractor, here are three key questions to ask:

What are they really offering?

There are companies out there claiming to handle commercial air conditioning but don’t have the special training required. Yes, the basic principles of commercial and residential air conditioning are the same, but commercial AC is different in many ways. You need a company like Armstrong, not one who believes their residential experience is sufficient to serve commercial clients. Specific commercial air conditioning knowledge and experience are vital to providing reliable commercial AC service.

Do they offer upfront pricing?

This is critical when a business requires AC service, repair, or replacement. Upfront pricing prevents any budget-busting nasty surprises during the process. The company you choose for commercial AC work should always be able to tell you what the cost will be before the work starts.

Is service available 24/7?

Not every problem conveniently happens during business hours. But as a business owner you can’t afford down time, which means you often need AC service during the night or on weekends. This also prevents the often-inherent disruptions to employees and customers when air conditioning work is performed during business hours. Armstrong prides itself on providing 24-hour emergency service seven days-a-week and 365 days a year.

Proven History of Commercial Work

Unlike many companies, Armstrong can show you a long and successful track record of commercial AC service and repair. Our client list includes many recognizable names from in and around Lubbock, TX. Don’t trust the air conditioning in your business to an HVAC contractor without the proper training and experience. To learn more about the services offered by Armstrong be sure to like and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.