Ignoring Your Water Heater Could Waste $$$

water heaters

It’s in your house somewhere. You probably never think about it. In some cases, it might be hiding where you seldom see it. But it’s likely the 2nd largest energy user in your home. It is your water heater.

Yep, that’s right. Armstrong Plumbing, Air & Electric wants you to spend some time thinking about an appliance that can easily cost you $700 or $800 a year to operate. Keep reading to learn how you can save some of that money to have hot showers.

First, let’s take a little time to talk about the plumbing in your home. Armstrong offers complete plumbing services, including emergency services 24/7, 365 days a year. That’s why our motto is, “Something Wrong? Better Call Armstrong!”

But the best way to avoid making an emergency call, is to make the call before something breaks. Just like your HVAC systems, your plumbing requires regular inspections and maintenance by an Armstrong plumber. The benefit for you is prevent future damages through drain cleaning, toilet repair, and fixing leaky or corroded fixtures.

Here are three things you can do to save some money on your hot water system:

Use less hot water in your home

It’s not as hard as you think. Make sure to fix any leaky faucets. According to energy.gov, a faucet dripping once a second wastes hundreds of gallons a year. Use cold water to wash clothes instead of warm or hot. Energy-efficient dishwashers and laundry machines can help. Install low-flow shower heads, and take shorter showers.

Make your current water heater work more efficiently

There is no good reason your water needs to be scalding hot. Make sure your hot water heater is set to 120°, or the warm position. If it doesn’t have an insulating blanket, buy one. It can pay for itself in a year or less.

Replace your current system with a new, more efficient hot water heater

In most homes the water heater is an insulated tank usually holding 50+ gallons of water. It can be a gas or electric water heater keeping all the water hot.

Along with this traditional water heater, there are other options. The most common second choice is the tankless water heater. It heats the water as you use it and doesn’t have to keep an entire tank hot.

Tankless systems have been heavily promoted in recent years. They have advantages, but they are not the best choice for every situation. Let our professional, local plumbers help you make an informed decision. If you decide to go tankless, Armstrong features the Navian brand name amongst others.

Just remember, “out of sight and out of mind” is not necessarily a good thing when it comes to water heaters. It could be costing you a lot of money.