Tripped Breakers Leading to Grooming Disasters? Call Armstrong

fixing tripped circuit breakers
You love your family members, you really do. But why did your daughter decide to plug in that space heater just when you were blow-drying your hair to get ready for work? Okay, in this case maybe a tripped circuit breaker isn’t a big deal, but it sure can be a nuisance.

If it’s happening a lot, then it is a big deal and it’s not something you should just put up with. Instead, call Armstrong Plumbing, Air & Electric. That’s right, Armstrong now offers full service electrical work in Lubbock and surrounding communities to go along with Plumbing and HVAC. Our electricians can inspect your breaker panel and find out where the problem is.

Most of the time it’s simply a matter of finding out why one circuit in the breaker box is being overloaded. In rare circumstances, the problem can be more serious. The Armstrong electricians are able to check for any issues like possible short circuits or “hot spots” that could be a fire and safety concern. It’s just one of the many electrical services Armstrong now offers:

  • Electrical Panels, Breakers and Fuses
  • Recessed Lighting and Light Fixtures
  • Decorative Lighting and Ceiling Fans
  • Switches and Dimmers
  • Lightning and Surge Protection
  • Home Electrical Safety and Child Safety

There is always a chance your home has outgrown its electrical service. Many houses in West Texas were built long before there was a TV and computer in virtually every room. Long before every home had an automatic dishwasher. And long before there were elaborate Christmas light displays. You get the idea. If your service needs to be upgraded, Armstrong can install a new circuit breaker panel and add new circuits to serve any problem areas.

Some people have asked us why we expanded into electrical work. The answer is simple. Many times, our HVAC technicians and plumbers would run into situations requiring electrical work. As a result, the client had to make a separate phone call to a separate company. Now, with the client’s permission, we can simply call the office and get the electrical work scheduled, many times on short notice. Ultimately, our expansion was just another way of fulfilling our motto, “Something wrong? Better call Armstrong!”