How to Fix a Bathtub Drain Stopper That’s Stuck

fix bathroom drain stopper thats stuck

How to Fix a Bathtub Drain Stopper That’s Stuck

A bathtub drain stopper may be small, but it is an important part of your bathroom’s plumbing system. Without it, water would never stay in the tub. No more soaking to relax or relieve sore muscles. 

If your bathtub drain stopper has ever become stuck, you know how frustrating it can be.  Fortunately, fixing a stuck bathtub stopper is usually a straightforward process that can be done in a few simple steps.

First, you must identify the type of stopper you have, whether it is a pop-up or a trip-lever stopper. Knowing which type of stopper you have will help you determine the cause of the problem and provide insight on how to fix it. A pop-up stopper goes down and back up by pressing down on it. You can use your foot in the tub, but your hand can be used in a sink or in the tub. A trip-lever stopper is controlled by a lever, which is usually located on the top of the tub spout, and is attached to the overflow plate

If you have a trip-lever stopper, the first thing you should check is the linkage. This is the mechanism that connects the lever to the stopper. If the linkage is disconnected or broken, the stopper will not work properly. To fix this, simply reconnect the linkage.

Sometimes, the drain stopper becomes stuck because it needs to be cleaned, which can be done with mild soap and water. If there is any buildup of hair or soap scum, use a small brush to scrub it away.

Consider Replacing Your Bathroom Drain Stopper

If cleaning the stopper still does not fix the problem, it may need to be replaced. While some homeowners may choose to take this on as a DIY project, for an easier remedy contact a professional plumber in Lubbock, TX, such as Armstrong Plumbing, Air & Electric. One of Armstrong’s skilled plumbers will have your tub holding water again in no time.

Before calling the plumber after cleaning, you may want to try adjusting the stopper. For a pop-up stopper, you may need to adjust the lift rod that connects the stopper to the overflow plate. For a trip-lever stopper, you may need to adjust the linkage. Again, you may want to contact Armstrong Plumbing, Air & Electric to get this task done quickly and efficiently.

Call Armstrong!

For stuck bathtub drain stoppers or any other small or large plumbing challenge, call Armstrong Plumbing, Air & Electric. Folks in the Lubbock area know, when something is wrong, better call Armstrong!