household smells

If you haven’t fired up your heating system yet (one of the benefits of our Lubbock climate, right?), you soon will. And when you do, you will be revisited by an old friend: Mr. Smelly Furnace. We all are acquainted with this unwelcome intruder, but it is hard to keep him out. This is due primarily to your furnace lying dormant for several months, allowing dirt and other pollutants to collect in it. So, when you activate your heating system for the season, it takes a bit for it to subdue Mr. Smelly Furnace.

Here in Lubbock and the West Texas plains, we are famous for our cotton. We are also famous for indoor air quality (IAQ) issues caused by cotton particulates emitted by our cotton refining plants. The stuff floats around in the air and eventually ends up being sucked into your home’s HVAC system. Mr. Smelly Furnace likes this, but most homeowners don’t; so your friends at Armstrong Plumbing, Air & Electric want to remind you again of the importance of regular maintenance to your home’s heating and cooling system. Regular maintenance will help keep cotton air issues and Mr. Smelly Furnace at bay, while keeping your system operating at peak efficiency.

Call one of our licensed HVAC specialists and learn all about our Armstrong Service Agreement Plan (ASAP). There are ASAP Base, Prime, Signature, Prestige and Royale levels to fit your budget. All levels offer two safety inspections each year with HVAC filter replacements and priority 24/7 emergency service. Other amenities with increased coverage include discounts on parts and labor and our water heater buy-back plan.

Speaking of water heaters, they can produce their own brand of unpleasant smells. Water heater smells can be caused by many factors, including dirt buildup, which can also be prevented by regular maintenance. Call Lubbock’s best plumbers and learn about our full line of AO Smith and Rheem traditional water heaters, as well as our selection of Navien tankless water heaters.

So, if Mr. Smelly Furnace is attacking your home’s IAQ … or your old, efficient water heater is producing bad water smells, discoloration or taste, Better Call Armstrong! And don’t forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!