Hitting the Road for Vacation? Keep Your Home Safe

programmable thermostats from armstrong

It’s time for Willie Nelson to sing, “On the Road Again”. It’s time to get ready to hit the road for that much needed summer vacation. Many of our heating and air conditioning clients from Lubbock and all of West Texas will be traveling to escape the heat.  Armstrong Plumbing, Air & Electric want to make sure you’re not forgetting about the home you are leaving behind. It can’t escape from the summer heat, and you need to make sure it will be in good shape when you return. There are lots of products and services you can take advantage of that won’t break the bank and are energy efficient! Programmable thermostats are among the many options.

Imagine what would happen to your houseplants or the pet goldfish if the air conditioning stopped working while you are away? The best thing you can do is schedule an AC tune-up before you leave. The easiest and most convenient way is to become part of the Armstrong Service Agreement Plan. We like to call it A.S.A.P., and it includes annual AC and furnace tune-ups, electric inspections, and plumbing inspections.  

Below are some other tips to care for your air conditioning system, plumbing and electrical while you’re on summer vacation.

Always Keep Your Thermostat On

  • Turn the thermostat up. A good range is between 78 to 82 degrees.
  • Do NOT shut the AC off. Without air conditioning in Lubbock, the heat can cause all sorts of problems, even damaging your wood floors.
  • It’s also important the AC stays on to control humidity.

Programmable Thermostat

  • If there’s not one in the home, now is a good time to talk with Armstrong about getting one. Our featured programmable thermostats are from Honeywell, Lennox, and Nexia.
  • Most will have a factory pre-programmed vacation mode. It will keep the house at a constant temperature. If you 
  • If you know what day you’re returning home, you can program the thermostat to cool the house back to a normal level. This can all be done remotely with a mobile device if it’s a WiFi thermostat.

Time for a programmable thermostat from Armstrong

Check for Fire Hazards

Our licensed electricians at Armstrong can inspect your home for outdated electrical wiring, which can become overloaded and overheated if not repaired. The last thing you want to worry about on vacation are sparks or shortages in your home. 

Hiring one of our electricians in the Lubbock area will give you peace of mind, knowing that your electrical work is done according to the guidelines of the NEC (National Electrical Code).

Consider a Plumbing Inspection

Many homeowners love the idea of having a swimming pool. Just don’t take a chance on returning home to find a swimming pool in your basement. Schedule your plumbing inspection with Armstrong before you leave home.

Our expert plumbers can locate potentially dangerous and expensive leaks. Toilets can be a big culprit. The average leaky toilet can waste more than 6,000 gallons a month costing about $70 depending on your water rate.

The plumbing inspection can also spot things like washer hoses on the brink of failure. The constant pressure in the system while you are gone could be the final factor causing the hose to burst. The same can be said for corroded or leaky connections.

For many of our valued clients, summer vacation will have something to do with water. Armstrong wants you to educate yourself about the dangers of electric shock drowning. 

It can happen at a lake, a resort with a pool, or maybe a staycation using your own swimming pool. It happens when water becomes electrified. If the current is strong enough the victim can be electrocuted.

A group has been formed to educate people about how to avoid this tragedy. Armstrong urges you to take a moment to read their website, so you can have a safe and fun summer vacation.

Better Call Armstrong

If you’re interested in our programmable thermostats, plumbing inspection services, or any other summer checklist item, call Armstrong today. We can help you prepare your home now!