How to Fix Common Heating and Cooling Problems

heating and cooling filter

This time of the year, we expect our homes and businesses to stay warm and cozy. This means making sure residential and commercial heating and cooling systems are in good shape and operating efficiently and properly. One of the best ways to ensure this is to schedule regular system maintenance, which will help keep your system clean and purring like a kitten. 

Armstrong Plumbing, Air, Electric has been the go-to experts for furnace and heating system maintenance, repairs, and replacement in Lubbock, Texas since 1934. We stand ready to answer your call if your home or business furnace needs some attention. In addition, our Armstrong Service Agreement Plan (ASAP) is a great way to keep on schedule with maintenance and tune-ups.

Some furnace problems and issues are serious and/or complicated and should be addressed by professionally-licensed HVAC technicians. But, some are not. Here are some common furnace issues and what you can do to help prevent them or fix them:

Dirty filters

This is easily the most important thing you can take care of yourself. Air filters should be changed regularly as clogged or dirty air filters restrict airflow and can lead to excessive wear and tear and damaged coils.

Faulty or malfunctioning thermostat

The thermostat tells the system when to run and for how long and monitors temperatures. If it’s not working properly, your furnace may experience strange on-off cycling issues, run too long or not long enough or fail to come on at all. Check the setting, change the battery and check wiring to make sure the unit is getting power. If it’s still acting up, time to call the pros.

No heat

This could be the result of a thermostat problem, a lack of power or gas or a faulty pilot light. Make sure the system is getting power and gas, then check pilot light and relight if necessary. If it still won’t light, an inspection by a licensed technician is in order.

Strange noises

Rattles, squeals or other unusual noises could indicate a malfunctioning blower, a clogged burner or other mechanical issues. You guessed it: call a professional to inspect the system and diagnose the problem.

While some heating system issues are minor and can be fixed by home or business owners themselves, others are serious and may cause health/safety issues if not repaired by an HVAC professional technician. These include burner, gas and ignition problems, so if you suspect that is where the problem lies within your system, call Armstrong today. We will perform a complete inspection, diagnose any issues, and advise you on what steps to take to resolve them. And, if replacement is needed, we can offer a variety of Lennox heating and cooling equipment options to fit every home or business size and budget needs. Please visit us online or on social media!