Know Your Emergency Shut-Off Valves

shut off valve

As a homeowner, there are some safety and emergency features that you should be well-acquainted with on your property. One such feature is the water emergency shutoff valve. 

Any plumbing emergency has the potential to be catastrophic if leaking water is not stopped quickly. If something starts leaking or a pipe bursts, knowing how to shut off the water could save you a lot of distress, money and property. Armstrong Plumbing, Air & Electric is always ready 24/7 to respond to any plumbing emergency, but we want our customers to help solve the problem by shutting off the water while we are on our way. So, read on and learn how to find your emergency water shut off valve and how to close the valve when needed.


The water shut off valve controls all water coming into your home, so It’s extremely important to know where your home’s water shut off valve is located and make sure it is easily accessible. It’s a great idea to become familiar with its location before an emergency has you scrambling to find it. 

Most water shut off valves are located either in the basement or outs or where the water line comes out of the ground and into the home. There are different styles of water valves, but most are either a round dial or a single lever. All need to be turned clockwise to shut off. 

Another good tip is this: once you locate the shut off valve, give it a practice turn. Sometimes, valves that have not been turned in a while become hard to do so, so make sure yours is moveable before an emergency has you struggling to turn it off.


Armstrong has served the Lubbock, Texas area for more than 80 years, so we have pretty much responded to every kind of plumbing emergency imaginable. Whether it is a burst pipe, leaking water heater or overflowing toilet, our professionally licensed plumbers will get there quickly and do their best to make sure your emergency is halted in its tracks. We can also schedule periodic plumbing inspections that may detect an oncoming issue before it reaches emergency status. Call today to find out about our Armstrong Service Agreement Plan. Membership includes annual plumbing inspections, no overtime service charges (because we all know plumbing emergencies like to happen after hours, right?) and discounts on parts and labor. No matter the issue … Something Wrong? Better Call Armstrong!