Avoid kicking off the season with a plumbing problem

quarterly plumbing repair
The plans are already made. All the neighbors are coming over to watch the Texas Tech football season opener against FCS powerhouse Eastern Washington. Just a quick question, are you sure your plumbing system is ready for the challenge? Nothing can ruin a party faster than a plumbing problem, such as a toilet repair.

The smart move is to pick up the phone right now and call the best plumbers in Lubbock, TX at Armstrong Plumbing, Air & Electric. A plumbing inspection is the best way to prevent problems before they happen.

Now is the perfect time. The seasons are changing, and there are plumbing services you should be scheduling to be prepared.

  • Check your sewer system:
    • All summer tree and shrub roots have been growing. The moisture and nutrients in your sewer pipes make an attractive target. Armstrong’s professional plumbers can use a camera to inspect the pipe and make sure you’re not headed toward a clogged drain pipe and a damaging sewage backup.
  • Water heater maintenance:
    • Regular flushes of your water heater can increase the average life expectancy of 8-12 years. The maintenance will also increase efficiency and lower your monthly bills. Call Armstrong to schedule your water heater maintenance.
  • Drain & store garden hoses:
    • In West Texas, it’s always tempting to wait until the last minute to do this, but then all of a sudden, the first night of freezing weather arrives and it’s too late. The water in the hoses freeze and then you’re stuck buying new hoses next year. Don’t wait, just do it whenever you’re done watering for the season.

All of these common-sense precautions can prevent having to make an emergency call to Armstrong for a plumber just as the game is kicking off. The last thing you want is for that football party to turn into an epic fail.