Pros & Cons of Whole House Surge Protectors

whole house surge protector

Pros & Cons of Whole House Surge Protectors

Lubbock, Texas area residents know to be ready for natural disasters. From tornadoes, flash floods and damaging hurricane force winds, a wide variety of severe weather challenges may be experienced, which may cause area power outages.  Armstrong Plumbing, Air & Electric has helped many satisfied customers get their homes prepared to withstand weather-related power outages. One item that can save hundreds, and even thousands, of dollars in lost electronics or appliances is a whole house surge protector. 

A whole house surge protector is a device that is installed at your home’s main electrical panel and is designed to protect all the electrical devices and appliances in your home from sudden spikes in electrical voltage caused by power surges. These surges can result from lightning strikes, utility company power outages or problems with the electrical grid. Below are some of the pros and cons of having a surge protector for your home.


  • Protects all electrical devices: The main advantage of a home surge protector is that it protects all electrical devices in your home, including appliances, computers, and other electronic equipment. This provides peace of mind, knowing that your expensive equipment is protected from power surges.
  • Easy installation: Whole house surge protectors are easy to install and can be done by a licensed electrician, such as those employed by Armstrong. They are typically installed at the main electrical panel in your home, and once installed, they require minimal maintenance.
  • Saves money: A whole home surge protector can save you money in the long run by preventing damage to expensive electronic equipment. The cost of repairing or replacing damaged devices can be much more expensive than the cost of installing a surge protector.


  • Initial cost: The initial cost of purchasing and having a protector installed for your entire home can be expensive. However, this cost should be weighed against the potential cost of repairing or replacing damaged electrical devices.
  • Regular maintenance: While home surge protectors require minimal maintenance, they still need to be checked periodically to ensure that they are working correctly. This can add to the overall cost of owning a surge protector. With an Armstrong Service Agreement Plan (ASAP), you’ll get a comprehensive inspection of your panel and wiring, including your surge protector.
  • Not portable: Unlike portable surge protectors, a surge protector designed to protect your entire home is not portable and cannot be taken with you if you move. This means that you may need to purchase a new surge protector if you move to a new home.

Overall, a whole house surge protector is a great investment in your Lubbock home. Be proactive in protecting your electronic devices, including your home’s HVAC system by contacting Armstrong Plumbing, Air & Electric today.