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The garbage disposal is one the greatest in-home inventions in terms of time-saving convenience. Cleaning up after meals becomes much easier and faster. However, improper use of the garbage disposal will likely damage the disposal, possibly injure the user, and may lead to inconvenient plumbing problems

In this blog, we offer some easy to follow guidelines to ensure you are caring for and using your garbage disposal in the best and most efficient way possible. By doing so, you will enjoy the added convenience of having one for many years to come. 

Always Operate the Unit With Running Water

Many do not realize that a key component in operating the garbage disposal is running water. Failure to do so will possibly cause the waste to clog the drain further down the line, not only affecting the kitchen but other pipes in the home as well. Running water also helps ensure the blades of the disposal keep functioning as designed to break down the waste completely. Otherwise, waste may get stuck in the moving parts of your garbage disposal, causing it to work less effectively. Another important fact in using running water is to keep the faucet turned on for about 30 seconds after you turn off the garbage disposal to entirely push the debris through the pipes.

Use Cold Water

To avoid a clogged garbage disposal or drain pipes, ALWAYS use cold water when operating the appliance. Cold water assures that any fats or grease that may make their way into the sink will solidify, break up and get pushed through the pipes with the rest of the waste. Hot water will cause fats to liquify and possibly coat the interior of the pipes, opening the door for damaging clogs later on. As mentioned in the previous point, letting the water run after grinding has finished for about 30 seconds is always a good idea.

Do Not Overfill

To keep your garbage disposal functioning properly, never overfill the unit. More is never better when pushing waste into the garbage disposal. Disposals are designed to handle only as much as can be easily put down into the unit. If you are tightly packing in as much as possible, you may find your unit will not last as long as it could. Always break up larger pieces of waste. 

Gently Push the Waste Down the Drain Opening

The waste going into the garbage disposal should flow easily in the running cold water into the sink drain, which is the disposal opening. However, if it appears that the debris needs help getting into the opening, gently use a wooden spoon or a rubber spatula. Never use a sharp object like a knife. That could cut the rubber gasket that protects the user from debris flying up and out of the garbage disposal.

Grind Your Waste

Another effective way of using your garbage disposal is to make sure you are fully grinding the waste. If you notice the garbage disposal is not grinding everything completely, turn the unit off and back on. In some units the blades will turn in the reverse direction, dislodging any debris that is stuck in the blades. For other units, this will only restart the disposal, which may also help grind whatever may be stuck. Never put your hands down the garbage disposal. As stated before, use cold water and keep it running for about 30 seconds after the appliance has been turned off. 

Remember, your garbage disposal is an appliance like any other, so it needs to be cared for properly to get the best use from it and keep it running for a long time. By following these tips, you can enjoy the benefits of your garbage disposal without worrying about potential problems.

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