Signs Your Home Needs a Service Panel Upgrade

service panel

Your home’s electrical service panel is kind of like a train station terminal. Numerous electrical wires are routed from the panel to various designations throughout your home, just like train tracks carry trains from the station to their destinations. Open up the service panel and you will be amazed at all the wires and switches. It’s important to inspect the service panel and ensure that you don’t see any loose wires or cracked/loose switches. Just like other mechanical and moving parts, your service panel has a finite lifespan and eventually will need replacing. Here are some signs that your service panel may need some professional attention.


If you notice any of these tell-tale signs, it is probably a good idea to call a licensed electrician sooner rather than later to come take a look:

  1. Panel Tripping. Circuit breaker switches in your service panel will trip (turn off) when what is connected to it requires more electricity than the circuit can accommodate. This may be remedied by reducing the number of appliances on that particular circuit. However, if switches on your panel continue to trip on/off frequently, it could mean the panel is outdated and needs replacing.
  2. Strange Noises. A low hum coming from the panel is normal, but if you hear hissing or crackling/popping noises, time to call an electrician.
  3. Burn Marks & Smells. Overheating circuits can leave blackened or burned spots in the panel and can also discolor outlet covers in your home. They can also lead to burning smells, which could mean melting insulation/wires. Either way, call an electrician immediately as this could lead to an electrical fire.
  4. Your Home Is More Than 20 Years Old. If your home is more than 20 years old, chances are that the average amps of circuits range from 60 to 200. Newer panels average around 200, so they are more capable of handling higher electricity demands from newer and more appliances. 
  5. Touching Light Switches Gives You Electrical Shock. Many times, this can be the result of faulty ground wiring at the outlet, but it can also be a sign of old or failing wiring in the service panel. Left unchecked this could lead to a dangerous increase in the voltage you are being shocked with


Because of the inherent fire risk and potential safety threat, problems with your home’s electrical system should not be disregarded and they should most definitely be addressed by a professionally licensed electrician. Armstrong’s electricians fit that bill and can quickly assess any electrical issue. One way to ensure that your home’s electrical system is operating safely year-round is to schedule regular maintenance. Our Armstrong Service Agreement Plan Royale Protection includes an annual electrical safety inspection, as well as discounts on parts and labor. We also offer a comprehensive range of electrical services, so call today to schedule your inspection.