Things To Know About Commercial Electricians

commercial electricians

An electrician is an electrician is an electrician, right? Wrong. Armstrong Mechanical wants to make sure you realize there are distinct differences between residential and commercial electrical work and the training required to do the work in your Lubbock, Texas home or business. Here is a closer look and explanation of what we are referring to. 


Let’s start here: Commercial properties are almost always much larger than single-family homes and require more extensive electrical work to power the entire facility. As a result, those who are qualified to work on residential systems may not be properly trained to work as commercial electricians. That can lead to dangerous mistakes.


A typical Lubbock, Texas home uses single-phase electricity. In simple terms that means the utility provides 120/240V service. Only certain appliances, like air conditioners and refrigerators, generally require 240 volts. In commercial installations the power requirements are more extensive. Commercial electricians must also be able to work with three-phase wiring. This setup consists of three “legs” that either come in at 120/208V or 277/480V and the system gets more complicated from there.


Residential wiring is almost always installed in walls or ceilings and can’t be easily accessed. Many commercial buildings, on the other hand, are rented or leased by multiple businesses and the layout and configuration of the building can change frequently. Commercial electricians need to have easier access so the wires often run through metal or plastic tubing on the surface of the walls or just above ceiling tiles that can be easily removed. This type of installation requires a different skill set for commercial electricians.


It may be tempting to call the first electrician who pops up on a Google search, but that’s not a good idea if you need commercial electrical work done. Becoming a commercial electrician requires additional training so please make that call to Armstrong Mechanical. Every electrician we send to your Lubbock, Texas business will be qualified to do commercial electrical work. Armstrong has been serving businesses and homes in West Texas since 1934. To learn more about the services we offer be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.