Underground Water Leak Detection: Locating the Leak on Your Own


Maybe you have noticed a spot in your yard close to the house that always seems to be wet, even though it may not have rained for a while. Or perhaps, some areas of your home seem more humid than others. Or, worst of all, your water bill suddenly increases. If you are experiencing any of these issues, you may have an underground water leak. It could be a leak from the municipal water main to your house, or perhaps in the plumbing underneath your house. Either way, it needs to be located and fixed promptly to prevent potential damage to your property.


Armstrong Plumbing, Air & Electric understands how hard underground leak detection can be in your Lubbock, TX home. For starters, they can be caused by a number of different factors that impact your plumbing over time, including groundwater and chemical buildup in the soil, or other natural occurrences such as earthquakes or soil shifting. We want our residential customers to know there are steps they can take to help identify the location of the leak before they call our plumbing professionals to the scene:

  • Turn off all water fixtures in your home: faucets, showerheads. Do the same with water lines to your toilets, water heater, washer, and dishwasher. Inspect all fixtures and appliances for leaks while you do this.
  • Turn off all outdoor spigots, irrigation systems, etc. Inspect them for visible leaks.
  • Once you have shut off all possible indoor/outdoor or attached fixtures, etc. locate and shut off the main water valve to the house. Then, check your water meter. If it is still spinning/turning/moving, it is likely you have an underground water leak.
  • Try to determine how long there has been a leak. You can do this by going back and looking at your past water bills and narrowing down the time you began to see increases.


Once you have determined that you probably are dealing with an underground leak, it is time to call a professional plumber and let them know your findings from the process above. Here at Armstrong, our licensed and trained plumbers stand ready to help you locate the leak and get it repaired. 

Our plumbers will arrive on the scene with special leak detection equipment, such as infrared and sonar tools, to pinpoint the location. Once it is identified, we can get to it and diagnose the repair that is needed.

The possibility of an underground leak should be taken seriously and detecting it/fixing it will save you money on your utility bills and prevent possible damage to your property. Better Call Armstrong and let Lubbock, Texas’s best plumbers tackle the problem. And please like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter