When Should I Drip My Faucets in Texas?

When Should I Drip My Faucets in Texas

There are steps you can take to make sure freezing pipes are not part of your winter experience. Although some may say it’s smart to drip your faucets in the winter, there are more ways to ensure your pipes are safe for the cold weather ahead. To keep your home cozy and warm and without the need for a plumber in the Lubbock area, do the following:

  • Make sure you know where the water shut-off valve is for your home
  • Keep the cold air out with weather-stripping and insulation
  • Insulate any exposed pipes
  • Remove outdoor hoses from the faucets

An extra and vital preventative measure to take is to have regular plumbing maintenance by a reputable company like Armstrong Plumbing, Air & Electric. Our trained professionals will inspect your home for potential plumbing challenges. Repairs can be done, and suggestions given to ensure your home is always the sanctuary you need it to be.

It is generally advisable to allow your faucets to drip in cold weather, especially if temperatures are expected to fall below freezing, which can also cause plumbing pipes to freeze. Frozen pipes usually burst, causing flooding and costly repairs. Allowing your faucets to drip can help to prevent this by keeping a small amount of water flowing through the pipes. Moving water will not freeze, so your pipes and your belongings will be protected.

In addition to periods of extreme cold weather, there are a few other situations in which you may want to allow your faucets to drip in Texas, such as you are expecting to be away from home for an extended period during the colder months. If you are going to be gone for a week or more, and extreme low temperatures are forecasted, it may be a good idea to leave your faucets dripping. This could prevent the pipes from freezing while you are away. 

Overall, it is important to pay attention to the weather and your home and plumbing maintenance tasks to avoid costly plumbing disasters. 

For help with any pipe challenges or any plumbing repairs, call Armstrong Plumbing, Air & Electric today.