4 Ways a Tune-Up Prevents Your AC from Breaking Down

HVAC temperatures

We have a question for you, friends. Do you just get in your car, turn it on and drive it, day after day, month after month, without performing any maintenance? Most of us would answer no to that question. We change the oil, rotate the tires, etc. because we know that maintaining our car will keep it running the way it should for a longer period of time. The same approach should be taken with your HVAC system. Regular maintenance and ac tune-ups will help keep your system running smoothly and efficiently.


 This is important now that the dog days of a blazing Lubbock summer approach and your air conditioner is pushed to the limit. Here at Armstrong Plumbing, Air & Electric, we can’t stress enough the value of maintenance, performed by licensed professional HVAC technicians. Here are four ways an AC tune-up can prevent your AC from breaking down:

Ensuring Your System Refrigerant Level is Correct

Refrigerant is the blood of your system and if it is low, it can lead to several problems, such as warm air blowing from the system, frozen evaporator coil, and a constantly-running air conditioner. If the system is low, there is likely a leak, as refrigerant is not burned up over time. Also remember that if your system is older, it probably uses R-22 refrigerant, which will be banned effective Jan. 1, 2020. Call us today to find out solutions to this problem.

Electrical Connection Inspection

During the tune-up, the technician will inspect all electrical connections and make sure they are tightly connected and not frayed or torn. This will help prevent electrical malfunction and even possible fire-inducing electrical shorts.

Clean the Coils

The indoor unit of your system houses the evaporator coils, which can become dirty over time. The outdoor condenser coils can also become dirty and cluttered with yard waste and other debris. During the tune-up the technician will inspect and potentially clean both to help prevent frozen evaporator coils and inefficient system operation.

Make Sure Condensate Line is Clear

This is a biggie. The condensate line drains moisture removed from the air in your home; if it becomes blocked, it can lead to a backup in your home and water damage.

An inspection and tune-up will help keep your system running at peak performance (especially if you are a member of our A.S.A.P. maintenance program), but at some point, it will become worn out and inefficient. When that time comes, we can help with the HVAC replacement process. Armstrong offers quality Lennox systems and is excited to announce our summer promotion on these products. Call our staff today to learn how you can save big on a new installation and don’t forget—when you want to stay cool in Lubbock, Texas—Better Call Armstrong! Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.