My Sump Pump Failed … Now What?

Sump Pump Failed

The weather is always interesting in Lubbock, Texas. We get wind, lightning and even some occasional snow. And, of course, we get some good ole west Texas heat during the summer. Unfortunately, Lubbock is close enough to the Gulf of Mexico that we are also affected by tropical storms and hurricanes. This means that we need to pay close attention in August, which marks tropical storm season, and September, which is recognized as the start of hurricane season.


If your home has a basement, then you know the importance of a sump pump when the heavy rains hit. A sump pump will pump water away from your home’s foundation and help prevent your basement from flooding. If you suspect your sump pump is not working correctly and may be ready to fail or has already failed, you want to address this issue quickly. 

Here at Armstrong Plumbing, Air, Electric, we offer the best plumbing service in the Lubbock area and will be happy to take a look at your sump pump. Here are some things our plumbers will analyze and inspect when they come to your home:

Is your sump pump big enough?

If it is an older pump, it may not have the horsepower to keep up with the amount of water trying to invade your basement. A newer, larger pump may be the answer.

Is your sump pump draining properly?

If your sump pump is doing its job, but the drainage system it is pumping water into is not, it could be the cause of water backing up in your home.

Is the breaker the sump pump is hooked up to strong?

A faulty breaker can be problematic as your system turns on and off periodically. A faulty breaker or switch could lead to it not running when it should be.

Of course, our plumbers could determine that your sump pump has reached the end of the line, in which case we can schedule a new installation. Another accessory is a water alarm which can help you detect and fix any water issues quickly. Call our professional staff for details.

Here in the Lubbock area we are not often in the direct path of the fiercest tropical storms and hurricanes, but we still want our commercial and residential customers to be aware of the dangers of flooding. If you think you might have a sump pump or flooding problem … Better Call Armstrong. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter, too!