Air-Purifying Indoor Plants: 9 Kinds That Are Easy to Keep Alive

indoor air quality

We have all heard some indoor plants can help promote good indoor air quality. This is great news, especially considering the abundance of dust in the air thanks to the Saharan storm front. However, if you decide to increase the number of plants in your home, which ones should you focus on? And which ones are the most maintenance free and easy to keep alive? Well, friends, you have come to the right place, because Armstrong Plumbing, Air & Electric is all about promoting healthy indoor air quality.  


Air-purifying indoor plants can help reduce the amount of carbon dioxide and other pollutants and increase humidity in the air in your home. This can result in removing stale air and replacing it with cleaner air that can reduce ear, nose and throat irritations. Plus, studies show that indoor plants can reduce stress and just make people feel better. That said, here are nine plants that are virtually indestructible and will help maintain good IAQ in your home:

  1. Snake Plant/Mother-In-Law’s Tongue. This plant only needs occasional water and is one of the hardest to kill. Maybe that explains the analogous name.
  2. Bamboo Palms. Palms like a little light, no cold air and can provide up to 12 feet of green in your home.
  3. Garden Mum. These perennials are popular, inexpensive and need less than 10 hours of sunlight. But they can be toxic to animals, so place them accordingly.
  4. Spider Plant. These plants thrive in indirect sunlight, so they are easy to grow… perfect for green thumb beginners.
  5. Boston Fern. These plants like a cool location, high humidity and indirect lighting. But they are easy to grow and are helpful in removing some chemicals from the air.
  6. Aloe Vera. In addition to being easy to care for and friendly to indoor air quality, the leaves of this plant contain a clear liquid that contains vitamins, enzymes and other ingredients helpful in healing wounds and reducing inflammation.
  7. Peace Lily. These plants are easy to care for and let you know they are thirsty by drooping when they need to be watered. Also helpful against such gases as carbon monoxide and formaldehyde.
  8. Rubber Tree. The large glossy leaves of this plant take in carbon dioxide exhaled by humans and transforms it into oxygen; it is also helpful in breaking down other chemical pollutants.
  9. Philodendron. Receptive to medium to bright indirect light, these plants have been shown to help remove formaldehyde from the air, a chemical that may be found in some carpets and other building materials.


Here in West Texas, the outside air quality is spotty at times, so it is important to keep an eye on indoor air quality as well. Armstrong Mechanical offers many IAQ products, including whole home humidifiers and air purification systems. We also offer a 30-minute AirAdvice test. Call us today or follow us on Facebook to find out more about keeping your indoor air quality as healthy as possible!