Don’t Risk a Home Disaster by Ignoring Your Plumbing

No one spends that much time thinking about their plumbing, and truthfully that’s a mistake. Did you know the average water damage insurance claim is about $10,000? Don’t wait for it to happen to you because of something like a broken or burst water line, or a clog in a drain or sewage pipe. Instead, be proactive and call Armstrong Plumbing, Air & Electric right now to schedule an inspection by one of our plumbers in Lubbock, TX.

The first priority will be to check for any obvious drips, leaks or corroded connections that are about to start leaking. They will also check things like washing machine hoses that wear out because they are under constant pressure. If one of them bursts, it can quickly leak hundreds of gallons of water.

The other part of the equation is drain cleaning for your Lubbock home. You should alert our plumber if you have any slow or clogged drains because the problem is only going to get worse if it’s not addressed. Usually, it’s a pretty easy fix for a clogged drain, but if you want to avoid a repeat performance, our visit should include a more comprehensive treatment.

Armstrong will check all your other household drains to make sure they are working correctly. We will also keep an eye out for any warning signs there is a blockage in the sewer pipe outside the home. It could be feeling the effects from a gradual buildup of fats and grease. If we find a potential problem, the smart thing to do is to let us inspect the sewer line using a video camera. The cost of the video camera inspection is cheap compared to the cost of a damaging sewage backup in the home.

Once we’re sure the problem is fixed and there are no other blockages, our plumber can treat your pipes with Bio-Clean, an environmentally sound drain treatment. It creates no heat, no fumes, and no boiling. It does not attack live tissue or inorganic materials—only organic wastes like grease, hair, food particles, paper, cotton, and sewage. Bio-Clean® changes the waste particles into water, carbon dioxide and mineral ash, which run harmlessly out of your waste system. It’s also recommended for septic tanks and should be used as part of a preventive maintenance program.

The moral here is, don’t wait for a disaster to look at the phone book for plumbing services. Call the Lubbock experts at Armstrong Plumbing, Air & Electric now to schedule your plumbing inspection.