What Is Geothermal Cooling & How Does It Work?

geothermal cooling

What Is Geothermal Cooling & How Does It Work?

Geothermal cooling is a system that utilizes the natural thermal properties of the earth to cool buildings and spaces. This system works by harnessing the earth’s constant temperature of approximately 55°F, which remains stable throughout the year. Geothermal cooling is an eco-friendly and energy-efficient method of cooling and is becoming increasingly popular in many areas of the U.S.

The basic principle of geothermal cooling involves the use of a heat exchange system, which consists of a network of pipes buried in the ground. Refrigerant circulates through the pipes, absorbing heat from the building or space and carrying it through the pipes to the ground, where it is dissipated. This process results in a cooling effect on the building or space.

The heat exchange system is connected to a heat pump, which is responsible for regulating the temperature of the refrigerant fluid. The heat pump works by compressing the fluid, which increases its temperature, and then releasing it into the building or space. As the fluid cools, it absorbs heat from the air, which is then carried back to the heat exchange system to be dissipated.

One of the advantages of geothermal cooling is that it is highly efficient. Unlike conventional AC systems that rely on the use of electricity to cool spaces, geothermal cooling systems use the natural thermal properties of the earth. This means that they require less energy to operate, resulting in lower energy bills and a reduced carbon footprint.

Other advantages of geothermal cooling are: 

  1. They are very quiet. 
  2. The indoor components typically last for about 25 years, while the underground piping system can last 50 years or more!

A disadvantage may be the higher upfront costs to install a geothermal comfort system. Overtime, those costs will be recouped in the savings you will experience with lower utility bills. The longer lifespan of a geothermal system is even more appealing. 

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