Humidifiers Can Help Ward Off The Flu Bug

Flu Bug - Armstrong Services
Winter is coming and so is snow, ice and frigid temperatures. Winter also ushers in the flu season, which plagues families all across the country. There are many preventative measures that help battle the flu; including eating healthy, exercising, washing your hands regularly and getting a flu shot if you choose to. But another proactive tactic that many folks do not think about is controlling the indoor air quality (IAQ) in their home. A great way to do this is by installing a humidifier.

IAQ is important to promoting family health, and can prevent germs and other allergens from invading your home and eliminate them if they do. Last month, we talked about the effective air filtration in enhancing IAQ. So this month we focus on how proper humidification can vastly improve IAQ and help your family keep the flu bug at bay.

During the winter months, the air obviously becomes cooler and drier, which results in low humidity issues in your home. Many airborne viruses thrive in low humidity. Proper humidification can slow down these viruses and impede the spread of airborne contaminants. Low humidity also causes many other health issues; including dry and cracked skin, sore throat, and aggravated respiratory issues, such as allergy and asthma symptoms. Low humidity in your home can even warp wood furniture, create separation in wood floors, and cause molding around places like windows and cabinets to crack and gap. Oh no, there goes grandma’s antique piano! And don’t forget those uncomfortable static electricity charges that startle us all.

These and other low humidity issues in your home can be easily resolved by installing a humidifier to your home’s comfort system. Whole home humidifiers are connected directly to the ductwork of your heating and cooling system, and will effectively and efficiently distribute humidified air throughout your home. Another benefit is that properly humidified air will make you feel more comfortable at lower temperatures. Added comfort will allow you to set your thermostat a few degrees lower and, ultimately, reduce utility expenses.

There are other solutions to promoting better IAQ and keeping the flu bug out of your home, including Healthy Climate, Reme Halo, AprilAire, and Honeywell air purification and ultraviolet light systems. Call Armstrong today for more information and a free analysis of the quality of your home’s air with results in 30 minutes by our home comfort experts.