Most Asked Thermostat Questions

The thermostat is a critical component of your home’s heating and cooling system. When functioning correctly, your system’s thermostat regulates and monitors the climate control settings in your home. It also helps keep your family comfortable during the heat of summer, and now, during the colder winter season.

At Armstrong Plumbing, Air & Electric our customers often ask us about thermostats and how to operate them in the most effective manner. Here are the top five most-asked questions and our answers. As we get started, keep in mind that we decided to have a little fun with this blog topic!

1. How do I get my grandma to leave the thermostat alone?

Well, the best way is to encase your thermostat in a locked and alarm-system-monitored compartment and keep the key in your possession. Another less extreme way is to install a WiFi-controlled thermostat that enables you to monitor and adjust settings remotely. Just remember who has control of the thermostat at all times. Want a chuckle? Read about this funny WiFi thermostat review.

2. My husband is a cheapskate and turns our thermostat WAY down at night and off when we are gone. Is it really cheaper to do that?

Not really. Turning your system way down or completely off not only makes it harder to maintain consistent climate control, but makes your home susceptible to outside factors. For example, an unexpected cold spell could ice over the water in your fish tank (not to mention freeze your pipes). Fish tank issues aside, the better option is to invest in a programmable thermostat. This will allow you to bring the temperature back up to a comfortable level prior to you arriving back home. Another solution is to simply turn the thermostat down 7-10 degrees.

3. My dog will be at home all day while I’m at work this winter; what should I set the thermostat to?

If you are leaving Fido behind, make sure he has a sweater and then turn the thermostat down like you normally would 7-10 degrees. Actually, our pet’s’ body temperatures are a bit higher than humans, so they can handle you being energy-efficient—unless they’re hairless!

4. Is it more efficient for me to just use the programmed features or to set at a constant, specific temperature?

Of course, if you have a programmable thermostat, by all means use it! A programmable system allows for convenience and efficiency in climate control and can save you money on your utility bills. By eliminating the need to manually adjust settings, a programmable thermostat can also save you time.

5. How often should thermostat batteries be replaced?

Some HVAC professionals say every six months, others say once per year. Both are good answers, but we think the best plan is to follow the recommendation in your thermostat owner’s manual. And whatever you do, be proactive. Don’t wait until the batteries go dead and your teeth are chattering while you rummage through your cabinets looking for fresh ones.

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