A/C Shortage & How To Prepare

HVAC shortage

Have you talked with anyone recently who had to rent a car? A family member had to rent a car earlier this year at a major airport. It cost nearly $700 for 5 days. A few years back he used to rent cars at the same airport and routinely paid $20 a day or less. There’s a good chance you have also been shocked by a combination of huge price increases and product shortages for many other items in 2021. You can do your own research about the reasons why, but the COVID19 pandemic has caused major disruptions in the supply chain.


Armstrong Plumbing, Air, and Electric is experiencing the same thing with heating and cooling equipment. It has been extremely difficult to get timely deliveries on new equipment because of HVAC shortages. In some cases, it means being put on a list and having to wait for the HVAC equipment to be delivered. That’s a problem for homeowners and businesses in Lubbock, Texas because it delays installations. 


It should not surprise you that the end result is higher prices. Just like a shortage of rental cars caused the price to go up, furnace and AC shortages are causing the same thing to happen. It’s the way our economic system works. Experts are saying HVAC shortages could cause a price increase of as much as eight percent in the next few months. 


These shortages emphasize the importance of planning ahead and sticking to the plan once you’ve made it. If you even THINK you might need a new HVAC system in the next few months, the time to act is now. Call Armstrong for an appointment so we can give you an accurate assessment of your situation. If a new system is called for, the job should be scheduled as soon as possible so your name can go on a waiting list. Sure, it’s possible you may end up replacing the current HVAC equipment in your Lubbock, Texas home a few months earlier than is absolutely necessary. Isn’t that better than being without heating or cooling for several weeks 

while waiting for equipment to be delivered?


Armstrong Plumbing, Air, and Electric is in constant contact with our suppliers and other organizations within the HVAC industry to monitor the situation. Our goal is to provide you with the best and more accurate information possible by getting advance notice about any new developments in the weeks and months ahead. Sharing that information with you allows you to make informed decisions about the HVAC shortages and how they can affect you.