low humidity

Isn’t it amazing that the human body is such a fantastic electrical conduit? Who hasn’t walked across a carpeted floor and touched a door knob – or another unsuspecting human being (like your spouse) – and felt that startling static shock?

I guess fantastic may not be the right word, but it is truly amazing. And easy to explain, if you connect it to the humidity level in your home … or lack of, actually. Your home’s air will dry out if not properly humidified, especially during the winter months, when the home is often closed and the furnace is on. Low humidity issues not only lead to those unexpected little shocks, but they can also damage wood floors and cabinets.

Depending on the outside temperature and other factors, indoor humidity levels during the dry winter months should range between 35 to 55 percent. And while you don’t want the air too dry, you don’t want it too humid, either. Damp air can lead to condensation and ice on windows during winter weather, and also provide a breeding ground for mold spores. That’s why it is important to keep an eye on humidity levels in your home, and a great way to do it is with a whole home humidifier. Armstrong Plumbing, Air & Electric – your go-to HVAC contractor in the Lubbock area since 1934 – has a complete line of Honeywell and Aprilaire humidifiers, as well as plenty of air filtration and purification options from such vendors as Healthy Climate, Dynamic and AirAdvice.

Worried about indoor air quality (IAQ) or potential mold/germ issues? These are real concerns during the winter cold and flu season. Armstrong has the solutions with ultraviolet (UV) light system and air purifiers and scrubbers. UV lights quickly kill germs or other contaminants, while air purification systems cleanse your home’s air and increase IAQ. In addition, we offer IAQ testing, which will help us quickly determine if your family is breathing clean, germ-free air. We also offer whole house electronic and media type air filters as well as attic ventilation systems.

So, don’t get shocked when you get shocked … Better Call Armstrong today and let us help you get your home’s humidity levels and IAQ in a healthy place this winter. And while you are at it, please like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!