Protect Your Home & Family Against Poor Air Quality

indoor air quality

For some people it’s an annoying irritant. Red watery eyes, scratchy throat, and sinus problems. For others, it can mean dangerous asthma attacks and severe respiratory problems. The culprit is poor air quality, which is why recent headlines like this are never good:

“Strong winds cause unsafe air tonight in Lubbock”

This appeared on the website for the “Daily Toreador”, the student newspaper of Texas Tech. In this case, the warning was for wind gusts up to 55 MPH filling the air with dust particles. The air quality index in Lubbock, TX reached 117. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, that air quality index is deemed unsafe for people with heart or lung disease, the elderly, and other high risk groups.

So how is it that West Texas, a largely rural region with a low population density, has such a problem with poor air quality? Well, let’s start with those Lubbock, TX winds. The Weather Channel has named Lubbock as one of the ten windiest cities in America, ranking third on that list. Combine the wind with our sandy soil and cotton dust and you have a recipe for particulate pollution.

Unfortunately, the problem doesn’t stay outside. It can also affect your indoor air quality, or IAQ. This is where Armstrong Plumbing, Air & Electric can help. You may think of us as primarily a heating and air conditioning company serving Lubbock, but we also have the knowledge and products to assure your home has healthy indoor air quality.

When you call Armstrong we will come out and test the IAQ in your house. Using the AirAdvice for Homes™ testing system, we will generate a report in as little as 30 minutes for a cost of just $86*. The report will show you:

  • Particle allergens
  • Chemical pollutants
  • Carbon monoxide
  • Carbon dioxide
  • Temperature
  • Humidity

Once we determine what pollutants may be present, Armstrong can attack the problem. Our products and services include:

  • Whole-house fans to improve air circulation
  • Advanced filtration and purification systems by Lennox and Aprilaire
  • Medical grade HEPA filters by Lennox
  • The REME HALO® in-duct purification system, which uses ultraviolet light to kill germs
  • Carbon monoxide detectors & monitors by Honeywell

Don’t put up with unhealthy indoor air quality in your home. Call Armstrong Plumbing, Air & Electric now to schedule your AirAdvice™ IAQ test. Like and follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get more great information about keeping your home safe and comfortable.

(*Test must be done during normal business hours)