Solving The Top 5 Commercial Plumbing Problems

commercial plumbing

Business owners and managers must wear many hats, and sometimes that includes a plumbing hat. No one enjoys dealing with commercial plumbing issues because they are often messy to deal with on your own but calling a commercial plumber can be an expensive fix. The alternative is trying to fix the problem yourself.


Some of the most common commercial plumbing problems can be fixed with the proper tools available at any hardware store. Your Lubbock, TX business should always have drain augers and plungers on hand for do-it-yourself plumbing solutions. With that in mind, Armstrong Plumbing, Air & Electric (formerly Armstrong Mechanical) has a look at the top five commercial plumbing problems:


Everyone has likely had to deal with this at some point. Common causes include:

  • Too much toilet paper
  • Lack of drain maintenance
  • Flushing the wrong things (cleaning rags, sanitary products, paper towels)

The good news is a few strokes with the plunger will almost always clear the blockage. If that doesn’t work use the drain auger.


This commercial plumbing problem can be an expensive proposition. Water from burst pipes can quickly damage your building and inventory. If possible, make sure everyone knows where the water shutoff valves are. In most cases a burst pipe is going to require the services of a commercial plumber.


A drop in water pressure could be a sign that a pipe has burst so be sure to check for any sign of leak inside or outside. Sediment and mineral build-up inside water pipes can also cause a drop in water pressure. Pressure can also drop because the pressure regulator on the main water line is failing or is not set correctly.


This can be your worst commercial plumbing nightmare. It can be an expensive and smelly problem that requires the skills of a commercial plumber. Here are some warning signs to look for:

  • Soggy spot in the lawn
  • Cracked foundation or walls
  • Mold and mildew
  • Signs of rodent and/or insect infestation

Modern technology, video cameras and the ability to reline sewer pipes means many sewer line problems can be fixed without digging up your entire lawn.


This is certainly another common commercial plumbing problem, especially if you have multiple bathrooms or a commercial kitchen. Once again, your plunger and/or drain auger should work most of the time. Just be aware something is causing the drain to clog, and you may need the services of a commercial plumber to solve the problem permanently. 


As a Lubbock, TX business owner you know you can’t afford the down time that a commercial plumbing problem can cause. The best insurance is regular inspections and maintenance from the commercial plumbers at Armstrong. Our family-owned company has been providing top notch service to West Texas since 1934.