What Function Does A Fuse Box Have?

fuse box

When you were a kid did you ever put too much air in your bicycle tire, and it blew out the tire and inner tube? Probably scared the heck out of you, didn’t it? Or maybe you had a car or truck that overheated and you saw water and antifreeze coming out of the overflow tube. The point is that along the way we all learned that too much pressure can be a bad thing.


The same is true of electricity. That’s why homes in Lubbock, Texas have always had either a fuse box (older homes) or now a more modern circuit breaker panel. Whatever it’s called it serves three basic functions:

  1. Distribute a certain amount of electric current to individual circuits in the home—The typical household circuit is either 15 or 20 amps with higher amperage for heavier appliances.
  2. Turn off the power to individual circuits—Turning off a circuit breaker or unscrewing a fuse makes it safe to work on lights, outlets, and appliances on that circuit while the rest of the home still has electricity.
  3. Protect the home against fire & damage—This is the most important function of a fuse box or breaker panel. When too much electricity, for whatever reason, flows through a circuit the fuse will blow or the circuit breaker will trip. This prevents damage to appliances and more importantly prevents overheated wiring that can cause fires.


There is nothing inherently unsafe about using a fuse box that is in good condition, but older fuse boxes may not be able to supply the amount of electricity used in a modern home. Common signs you may need an upgrade include:

  • Fuses blowing frequently
  • Flickering lights
  • Inability to supply enough electricity to power new appliances

If you decide to upgrade your Lubbock, Texas home from a fuse box to a breaker panel, that is a job that needs to be done by a professional electrician. It is the only way to protect your house, everything in it, and the people who live there.


The licensed electricians at Armstrong Plumbing Air & Electric are always available to help you. Whether it’s adding a new circuit for the man cave you’re building, replacing the entire electrical panel, or maybe installing a backup generator to protect you during storms, we are just a phone call away. Just like Armstrong has been since opening our doors in 1934.