Top Indicators It’s Time to Replace Your AC

Top Indicators It’s Time to Replace Your AC

Indicators It’s Time to Replace Your AC

No homeowner in Lubbock, Texas wants to find themselves without the benefit of air conditioning to keep them cool and comfortable. For nearly half the year, air conditioning is a staple in Lubbock, so if the AC in your home isn’t working at its best or at all, Better Call Armstrong. For nearly 100 years, Armstrong has been providing the home and business owners in the Lubbock area with high quality home comfort products and services. And we can help you with your AC replacement, too.

Signs That It May Be Time for an AC Replacement

The need to replace a malfunctioning or old air conditioning system isn’t something that occurs out of the blue. There are many tell-tale signs that it may be time for an AC replacement. The first indicator is the overall age of the air conditioning unit. The average lifespan for a well-maintained AC unit is 15 to 20 years. In areas like Lubbock, where there’s a lot of dust, the longevity can be reduced because dust and dirt have a negative impact on equipment. Other key indicators that it’s time to consider an AC replacement are:

  • Your home energy costs seem much higher than the same period last year ( offers home energy assessments you can do yourself)
  • You notice hot or cool spots throughout your home.
  • The system seems to be short-cycling, i.e., it’s cutting off before the system has fully cooled your home.
  • The thermostat reads one temperature while the actual temperature inside is something different.
  • The outdoor condenser unit has frozen.
  • You’re spending a lot more money on regular repairs.

An AC system that’s running at optimum performance provides the greatest amount of efficiency. That means you’ll spend less money to cool your home, freeing up funds for something else. Don’t keep wasting your hard-earned dollars on an outdated air conditioning system that needs to be replaced. The trained professionals at Armstrong Plumbing, Air & Electric have decades of experience to evaluate your home and your system to determine if your need is best met with an AC replacement. We will provide you with options that save you money and fit your budget. You choose the one that’s the best fit for you. For a guaranteed 100% satisfaction experience, Better Call Armstrong today and schedule your AC replacement.