Who Do I Call to Help With a Gas Line Installation?

Who Do I Call to Help With a Gas Line Installation?

Call Armstrong for Your Gas Line Installation

Gas line installations are nothing to mess around with. This isn’t the type of job that should be done by a do-it-yourselfer. For a proper installation, you need a trained, knowledgeable and licensed professional like the plumbers at Armstrong Plumbing, Air & Electric located in Lubbock, Texas. 

Say What? A Plumber Installs Gas Lines?

Yep. That’s what we said. A skilled plumber can perform gas line repairs or gas line installations. But don’t just settle for any company to complete this important task. If a less trained plumber attempts to complete your installation, there are many potential problems that can occur, the worst being the loss of your property. For an installation, you won’t have to worry about Better Call Armstrong!

What to Expect When You Have a Gas Line Installed

  • The company you choose should be knowledgeable about Lubbock city or the county ordinances regarding proper and legal gas line installation.
  • Your individual needs should be addressed such as the appliances that will be using gas as well as whether or not natural gas is available, or do you need to utilize propane? 
  • Another consideration is overall cost. The funds needed for an installation vary according to the length of the line from the access point for natural gas to the structure; whether you’re getting natural gas or propane; and, the number of appliances and/or fireplaces that are being hooked up. 

For a Gas Line Installation with No Surprises, Better Call Armstrong!

Armstrong Plumbing, Air & Electric strives to provide top-notch products and services for every customer we work with. That’s been our way since 1934. Your complete satisfaction is always what matters most. You can have peace of mind that your installation will be all you need and more when you use one of our highly trained plumbers in the Lubbock, Texas area. For every plumbing need, including gas line installations, Better Call Armstrong!