Traditional or Tankless Water Heater? Which One is Best For Your Home

tank water heaters vs tankless water heaters

Tank water heaters, also known as storage tank water heaters, have been the most commonly used since the first automatic storage water heater was invented by Edward Ruud in 1889. Prior to that, fire or hot springs were used to provide hot water for bathing and cooking. While cheap and probably readily available, these sources were low on the convenience scale.

A version of the tankless water heater was invented in 1929 in Europe. Sources say it was first introduced to U.S. homeowners in the 1960’s. Not only could people have access to hot water inside anytime they needed it, a tankless water heater removed the need for a bulky storage tank for indoor hot water. 

The average person uses about 64 gallons of hot water per day, which works out to an approximate cost of 400-600 dollars per year per household. It stands to reason the cost of hot water and convenience are both significant factors to consider when researching the best option for you.


A storage tank water heater typically lasts about 12 years. But did you know a tankless water heater can last over twice as long? A whopping 25 years! That means the average homeowner will get double the use from their tankless water heater. According to Consumer Reports data, tankless water heaters have a great reputation for high efficiency, which given the cost to have hot water, makes tankless water heaters very appealing. Tankless water heaters are also available in both electric and gas versions, so virtually every home could have one. The trained plumbers at Armstrong Plumbing, Air & Electric can assess your home’s layout and your needs to determine if a tankless water heater will work for you.


Across the board, storage tank water heaters are still the most popular choice, which could be based as much on familiarity as anything else. Tankless water heaters can save upwards to 50% on hot water costs because they heat water only when it’s needed, saving you money and using less energy. A win-win for you and the environment. Storage tank heaters need floor space, while a tankless water heater does not since it’s wall-mounted. With the versatility of availability in either gas or electric, ultimately, your choice is most likely going to be centered around what you want. Let the professional plumbers at Armstrong Plumbing, Air & Electric help guide you to the best decision. Call to set up an appointment today.