Types of Plumbing Pipes & Their Lifespans

Types of Plumbing Pipes & Their Lifespans

Different Types of Plumbing Pipes & How Long They Last

Ever wonder what kind of pipes run throughout your home, what they are made of, and in the case of older homes, if your pipes have reached the end of their lifespan? In this blog we will explore the different types of plumbing pipes, their uses and how long they typically last.

The type of pipes in homes depends upon its use. Different plumbing services require specific pipes. When you need a plumber in the Lubbock area, make sure your plumbing company has the knowledge, training and experience to use the right pipe for the application. You have full assurance that the plumbers at Armstrong Plumbing, Air & Electric are licensed and fully trained to complete the plumbing service you need. 

Before we talk about the types of pipes that are most common, we should examine one that is no longer used but may still be found in homes. Polybutylene, also known as Quest tubing, is a gray plastic pipe used from the 1970’s – 1990’s and is extremely prone to failure. Quest was used most often in the Sun Belt, which includes the state of Texas, the Mid-Atlantic and the Pacific Northwest. Armstrong plumbers can inspect your plumbing to make sure your home is not piped with Quest Piping. If so, we can handle that challenge for you and have your home re-piped with a quality supply pipe material.

Most Common Types of Plumbing Pipes

Pipes that transport water into your home or appliances are called supply pipes. These pipes are under constant pressure and are the most likely to leak or break. There are three types that are the most common:

  • Copper – Has a lifespan of 50+ years. Copper is very good at resisting corrosion and providing reliable connections when sections need to be joined together.
  • PEX – PEX pipe should last at least 50 years if installed properly. There are several different types of PEX and Armstrong can help you decide which is best for your application.
  • Galvanized Steel – Has a lifespan of 20 – 50 years. It is not widely used today because galvanized steel does corrode over time, which can reduce flow to your drinking water system.

The plumbing pipes that take waste water away from your home are called drain lines, and there are two common types:

  • PVC – PVC or Polyvinyl chloride lasts indefinitely. PVC can also be used in some water supply lines. It is easily installed, strong and recyclable. 
  • Cast Iron – Has a lifespan of 75 – 100 years. While it was very popular among homebuilders years ago, it is mainly used in industrial applications today and can be susceptible to being clogged by tree roots.

Do not trust just any plumber for plumbing services. Choose a company with a proven track record of serving its customers with integrity and professionalism. Armstrong has been providing high quality plumbing services in the Lubbock area for nearly 90 years. Call our office today to schedule a comprehensive plumbing inspection for your home.