When Should You Purchase a Whole House Generator?

Whole House Generators

Best Time to Buy a Whole House Generator

Since the Lubbock area is prone to experience extreme weather both in the summer and the winter, causing unplanned power outages, you can maintain electricity to your home, appliances and electronics with a whole house generator. With a back-up generator, it will never matter if a power outage is unexpected or announced beforehand. You will have peace of mind when the power grid goes dark.

When Should You Purchase a Back-up Generator?

As the adage goes, “before you need it.” Experts say the perfect time to purchase a back-up generator is in the Spring or Fall, before the heat of summer hits in full force and before March, when the propensity for storms to increase. By preparing beforehand, you can be ready for whatever comes your way. Armstrong Plumbing, Air & Electric can help you choose the best whole house or back-up generator for your home. 

Plan Ahead to Avoid Being Without the Utility You May Depend on the Most

Neglecting to plan for the unexpected is never a good idea. During a power outage is a bad time to think about what your options may be. Stand alone generators may be hard to come by, and installing a whole house back-up generator is a process. To help you prepare, an Armstrong professional will evaluate your home’s overall size and layout to determine which generator will best meet your needs. Once your equipment arrives, our team of trained installers will have it hooked up and running in no time. Spoiling food, being uncomfortable or unable to access your electronic devices will never be a concern again with your back-up generator installed by Armstrong. 

Why Should You Purchase a Whole House Generator?

A generator can mean the difference between turmoil or serenity in the midst of a storm or brown-out. If you are stuck inside without power, it is not only inconvenient, but also dangerous. The most vulnerable such as the very young or elderly and those with health issues are especially at risk. A back-up generator will turn on automatically and immediately when the power goes out and shut off when it is restored.

Let Armstrong Plumbing, Air & Electric help protect your Lubbock, Texas area home from potentially damaging and hazardous power outages. Call our office today to schedule a no-obligation consultation.